A Truly Renewable Resource

The Waldun Group feels very strongly about well-managed forests for the sustainability and longevity of our industry. The good health of green building should be part of every decision on any structure. Petroleum based products such as plastics are composed of toxins that are not environmentally friendly. Forest products including shingles are made from Mother Nature and will break down naturally and safely. Stave Lake, along with all of our operations under The Waldun Group, is PEFC Certified. We are very proud to be a green company that not only cares about our environment but demands that our quality is not jeopardized. With Stave Lake Cedar on your home, you are buying brand name quality which has been produced since 1939.

A Renewable

Environmental Benefits of Cedar

Western red cedar is an excellent choice for roofing and siding. In the winter, it keeps more warm air inside your home, reducing heating costs. In summer, it allows less cool air to escape, saving on air conditioning costs, and creating a more comfortable atmosphere in your home.

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