Priming, Staining and Custom Colours

Stave Lake Cedar Mills has developed a primer exclusively for our own production. This proprietary oil primer far exceeds anything else available in the primed, boxed market. It is solid oil with low VOCs that covers the shingle to the point that you can’t see the grain. We choose not to use the diluted primers that some of the industry is applying. These primers are less expensive, but we feel strongly that a great shingle topped with a superior primer is essential in providing a base for a long lasting top coat.

  • 1 coat-semi-transparent, semi-solid or solid oil
  • 2 coat-1 base coat oil, 1 top coat latex (18 year warranty)
  • 3 coat-1 base coat oil, 2 top coat latex (25 year warranty)
  • Any Stave Lake shingle can be stained or painted to match any custom color.
  • Stave Lake's process of selecting a Stave Lake color makes it very easy for the contractor and the homeowner. We guarantee that your project will not only receive Stave Lake quality, but also receive a shingle that is completely coated in the finest quality paint or stain. We simply ask the customer for the cedar shingle to be painted and forwarded to our office. We then send it to our paint lab for an exact match. Finally, we return the shingle back to the customer with the matched colored shingle for approval.

    Please note that Western red Cedar varies in color. It can be a light straw yellow color to a dark brown. Semi-transparent colors will still show the grain through the stain but may vary slightly because of the color of the cedar shingle behind the coating. Most agree, that the slight variation in tone, adds a tremendous amount of beauty and contrast to any home or structure. If you are looking for more of a solid color we highly recommend using Stave Lake's two or three coat solid finished products.


    PPG Oil Primers

    • Over 20 Exterior Acrylic colours offered
    • One coat gives you a 15 year coating warranty from PPG/Olympic
    • We exclusively use PPG/Olympic oil primers for all our cedar products.

    Oil Stains and Primers

    • Available in clear, semi-transparent and semi-solid
    • One coat is all you need

    More coating coverage equals maximum durability & superior performance.

    Our Guarantee

    Because we believe in our products, we take a stand with you to guarantee our roofing and siding products for between 30 and 50 years. We promise that you will be satisfied with all our products.

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