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Originating in 1939, at the end of the Great Depression, Stave Lake is steeped in history. Our esteemed track record continues, in 1992 The Waldun Group purchased Stave Lake Cedar Mills. Our expectations for quality products not only continued but were raised as we strive to make the best line of R&R products in the industry.


Stave Lake Cedar has been part of the Waldun Group since 1992. With this partnership, Stave Lake produces quality remanufactured shingles in a variety of artistic patterns. Our carefully crafted cedar products often begin as roofing shingles from Waldun Forest Products. We specialize in rebutting and rejointing those shingles into siding that provides lasting beauty and quality protection for homes across North America.


As part of the Waldun Group, Stave Lake Cedar continues to lead the industry in quality, service and affordability. Our supervisor, Colin Northrop, has helped us stay the course for over forty five years, which has helped us remain steady and consistent in producing the highest quality sidewall shingles possible.

We employ our own in-house product inspectors who constantly examine both products and our process to guarantee you get the most value for your money. In addition, we contract two independent inspection agencies to continuously evaluate our products to ensure we remain on-grade, and to honour our commitment to providing you with the very best premium Western red cedar products.

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